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We are a Cycladic company founded by Georgios Damigos, a local of Santorini island Greece.

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We are headquartered in Santorini and we operate in the Cyclades islands, Greece.

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"Άριστον μεν ύδωρ, ο δε χρυσός αιθόμενον πυρ."

Citation of Ancient Lyric Poet Πίνδαρος that stresses the quality of being simple and sagacious at the image of Nature. Imagine being able to look deep into a well that has golden coins and being astute enough to see the water and not the gold.

villa illias
villa illias
villa eos

Facilitators of understanding "Και εγώ νυν είμι, φυγάς Θεόθεν και αλήτης" - Citation of Ancient Philosopher Εμπεδοκλής that talks about our fugitive cosmic origin. It literally answers the ontological question of our origin by proposing that we are vagabonds of the cosmos and god.

"Αυγή, υπενθύμιση της ζωής, μοναδικό δώρο. Θοδωρής, Γιασεμί, Αμοργός"

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